Here’s Noomi in a still from ‘Rupture’ She is seen with her co-star Michael Chiklas. The film was premiered on July 15th at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. Here’s a few review extracts.

“Rapace is powerfully cast as Renee, who exhibits great ingenuity and courage in the face of her capture, always thinking on her feet, fighting back, maintaining her self-possession for the sake of seeing her son again.” ( Merideth Borders

“Noomi Rapace who delivered a captivating performance in a strong female role who never is the damsel in distress despite the situation she is thrown in. There is a lot to love about Rupture especially the care put into every little detail. I highly recommend it.” (Kim Lo

“Noomi Rapace is the constant throughout the movie, and she’s terrific, giving Renee a cheerily unsinkable personality when she’s first introduced – dealing with a lot of problems and clearly frustrated at times but also up to them – but when the trouble starts, we see that “unsinkable” isn’t just a matter of floating to the surface via positive thinking. There’s an intensely determined physicality to everything Renee’s doing over the course of the film, and Rapace crashes along fearlessly, getting across what a sustained, draining struggle she’s having and also strength and fierce intelligence.” (Jay Seaver

As soon as there is news on a general release for the film we’ll post it.


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