The London based artist Sal Jones has very generously given her permission for us to put her wonderful pictures on Noomi as Lisbeth Salander on our website.

Sal says

“In much of my recent work the subjects are the female leads of European crime dramas and films, women frequently portrayed as in a state of inner conflict. These are women who are strong, dominant and seemingly aloof, routinely cast as unable to form lasting relationships and for whom a private life and a work life are at odds (an issue rarely touched on in male character leads). They are fascinating, flawed, avowedly anti-feminine subjects; subjects who refuse objectification. I hope to capture a moment, a gesture, an expression that conveys some of their pragmatism and turmoil and also their strength and beauty.”

We think that Sal’s statement here about her work certainly applies to Lisbeth Salander and to Noomi’s wonderful interpretation of the character.

Sal has her own sites at and at Please have a look at her work. Copywright of the images remains with Sal Jones.

Sal Jones Image 2