Babycall / The Monitor 2011

Noomi plays the part of Anna


Noomi plays the part of Anna, a single mother fleeing from an abusive husband with her 8 year old son Anders. She moves with Anders to a flat in a depressing Oslo estate. Anna purchases a baby monitor in an electrical store from an employee called Helge who appears friendly towards Anna. During the night, she hears screams coming from the monitor which, she initially fears are being made by Anders. She rushes into his room only to find the child is fast asleep and no one else is there. She take the monitor back to the store where she explains to Helge what has happpened. He tells her that what she heard was probably the monitor picking up sounds from another monitor being used in a nearby flat. Anna forms a relationship of sorts with Helge who like Anna has a troubled past. All however is not as it appears to Anna. Is she hearing things ? Is she seeing things ? Can she tell what is real and what is not ? Is Anna suffering from delusions ?

This film provided a vehicle for Noomi to really show her acting talent at it’s best. I wonder what research Noomi did to prepare for this role ? As usual she uses not only the spoken word but also her command of the facial expression and of body language to master a difficult role. She takes the viewer on Anna’s painful journey and through Anna’s eyes we see the world as this poor woman sees it. Danger and threat to her and her son at every turn. Yes, the screenplay, plot and script could have been better but none of this detracts from an excellent performance by Noomi.

Interview With Noomi on the set of Babycall

She is talking about her new role in the movie “Babycall” She says that she right away fell in love with the script, and the same night she dreamt about the script and her character. she says that she took the role because its a good script and its very unexpected. She then talks about her role Anna who is on the run, because her ex is´╗┐ a psycho. she answers that the role is quite unlike the role of Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth was more aggressive “on guard” and Anna is more afraid and fragile.