Noomi has become an ambassador for ECPAT Sweden in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Last year,Noomi supported ECPAT Sweden’s campaign “piece of trash penalty”, which became one of Sweden’s most successful social campaigns in 2014.

“I could not fathom that Swedish law actually did not do a better job in protecting children’s rights not to be sexually exploited. To be part of the campaign to review the penalty scale for things like child pornography, which really is child sexual abuse material, felt really meaningful”, says Noomi.

Noomi portrayed the celebrated character Lisbeth Salander in the original Millenium series. The films all have strong content of sexual violence and abuse, trafficking, as well as child sex offenders consuming child sexual abuse material online. Some of the films’ cinematic force come out of this and Noomi’s character Salander seems to find her rage and strength in response to the serious and systematic abuse that she is subjected to in the films. Something Noomi has reflected on:

“I have thought a lot about the heinousness in child sex abuse and exploitation and realized just how many children become victims every year. I know people who have been subject to sexual exploitation as kids and this has given me perspective and strong will to contribute. ECPAT Sweden is a small but strong organization and I like their systematic way to fight for children’s rights. I am therefore proud to become their next Goodwill Ambassador”, says Noomi.

Noomi’s first appearance as Ambassador with ECPAT will be on 2 December in the now on-going Christmas campaign.

– We know the importance Noomi and Joel Kinnaman had to get the message out in our campaign #sopigstraffskala last year. Together, they reached a new, younger and more vulnerable group of people than before, who knew little about EPCAT or the child sex trade. Noomi’s longer-term engagement for us means a lot in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children, says Anders L. Pettersson, Executive Director of ECPAT Sverige.

Noomi is pictured with ECPAT Secretary General Anders L. Pettersson

Photo: Sandra Birgersdotter


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