A new page has been added to the Noomi’s Fan section of the site. This page showcases videos produced by Elanore.

Elanore is a Noomi fan from France. She runs her own Tumblr site at wasparrow.tumblr.com and it is well worth a long visit and a good look at what she has produced. Elanore has tried her hand at making short videos featuring Noomi and has come up with these two gems. She has very kindly given us permission to use some of her work on our site and we are very grateful indeed. Hopefully you will encourage her to produce more videos which will share with you. It would be very easy just to fill a site with images and trailers taken or made  by professionals but I know that Noomi is very aware of her fans and would be so pleased that people had actually taken time to produce videos & GIFs etc because they think so much of her.

Elanore can also be found on Twitter @Elaanore so please do follow her and that way you will be one of the first to hear about new videos she produces.

On her tumblr page Elanore says that she loves making videos and making GIFs etc  but that she is not really talented. Sorry Elanore , we all think that you are very talented and can’t wait for your next video.


Thanks Elanore we all appreciate your work