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N.C.P Olfactives is a new company and brand established by Noomi, Steve Terry, Jonas Nilsson & Ash Pournouri.

Steve is a hairdresser with an international reputation and is co-owner and creative & business development director at LYKO one of Sweden’s top beauty brands.

Jonas Nilsson is a former international skier and experienced business professional at chief executive officer level and was for many years CEO of a well known pharmaceutical and personal care company.

Ash Pournouri is a well known record manager, record producer, songwriter and record executive.

With a clear focus on creative innovation the brand has just released N.C.P. Olfactives which consists of seven perfumes designed by the renowned French perfumier Yann Vasnier of GIVAUDAN who is now also head perfumier at N.C.P Olfactives.

Its layering concept allows N.C.P. Olfactive’s unique fragrance combinations to adapt to the mood and the occasion.

On one and the same day we can experience so much. With layering it is possible to adjust our fragrance to suit our mood and the occasion.

“Perfume is like an extension of me, it protects me and it makes me stronger. It’s like my own spirit, I can Determine how people are affected by my presence. I feel strengthened by the smell I created and my unique smell enhances my own aura. The layering and unisex aspect of our smells is so important to me. To really create your own fragrance is huge liberation! Perfume is a special part of you … it needs to be personal ” says Noomi.

Steve said,”All of our seven unisex perfumes are carefully formulated in Paris to ensure individualized fragrances at the same time
as you retain the perfect environment for fragrance layering. They are selected from all olfactory groups to cover the full range of aromas. Laying scents can make it complicated, but it’s easy. Imagine yin and yang.It’s about balance and personal preference ”

The design visualizes a system that allows endless scent combinations and conveys classical elegance at the same time. The perfume collection is comprised of both lighter to heavier fragrances, which is clear indicated by the intensity of the stripes on the perfume flask.

Visit the website at 
http://www.ncpolfactives.com/ and see the full range of products now available and read all about this exciting new venture then see the photographs from the recent launch event.

Images with kind permission of N.C.O Olfactives and Vass PR