Here are the latest known release dates for CHILD 44. More dates as soon as we have them.


Belgium April 15th, 2015

France April 15th, 2015

Argentina April 16th, 2015

Brazil April 16th, 2015

Greece April 16th, 2015

Hong Kong April 16th,  2015

Hungary April 16th,2015

Israel April 16th,2015

Singapore April 16th, 2015

Cambodia April 17th, 2015

India April 17th, 2015

Ireland April 17th, 2015

Finland April 17th 2015

Romania April 17th, 2015

United Kingdom April 17th, 2015

United States April 17th, 2015

Russia April 23rd, 2015

Lithuania April 24th, 2015

Poland April 24th, 2015

Denmark April 30th, 2015

Pakistan April 17th, 2015

Norway May 1st, 2015

Sweden May 1st, 2015

Croatia May 7th, 2015

Portugal May 7th, 2015

Macedonia May 7th, 2015

Netherlands May 7th, 2015

Turkey May 8th, 2015

Germany June 4th, 2015

Spain June 5th, 2015

Chile July 2nd, 2015

July 3rd, 2015

Australia July 23rd,2015


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