A few months ago Alicia Llorca Puig who is a Noomi fan living in Spain contacted us to say how much she likes the www.noomi-rapace.info  website. As always, this made us all feel that our efforts are worthwhile. Over the months Alicia has kept in contact and has very kindly provided us with some images of Noomi and some video clips which we had not seen. The photos have been published and the clips will follow soon.

Alicia also told us that she would be visiting London in August and that apart from meeting Noomi, one of the things that she wished to do was to get hold of a copy of the BLAG Magazine 20th Anniversary edition featuring the wonderful pictures of Noomi with Tom Hardy. Sadly we could n’t quite get Noomi as she is as you know busy filming Child 44.

We did however point Alicia in the direction of Sarah & Sally Edwards who own and run BLAG so that she could ask them if it was possible to deliver the magazine  to Alicia at the address she was staying at in London.

We think that you can see from the accompanying picture that the BLAGgirls went one better !

We always support the Sarah & Sally where possible both on our website and via Twitter. We run the advert at the bottom of our website at no cost to them and solely because they are such wonderful people and deserve all the support they get. There products are second to none, are of the highest quality and their customer service is just brilliant. We will continue to support them and remember it was Sarah & Sally who were kind enough to arrange for Noomi to meet some of her fans together with Tom Hardy during their 20th anniversary magazine signing last year in London.